Live casinos may not seem exactly what you think they are. The term “live” generally refers to a physical casino in Las Vegas or Macau, but this type of casino is also actually played online. That’s right – you can play live casino games online through the web camera. Just when the internet was thought to have done it all, you will be surprised and intrigued.

Some of these casinos normally use a real person to deal the games. The traditional way of online casino games uses some kind of software that will allow you to play using a computer to operate all the functions. Until 2014 there is not a great offer for players from Latin America or Spain, but here are some good options:

Live games have a real person dealing the cards in Blackjack, spinning the wheel in Roulette and performing all other actions just like in a real casino.

The games use a studio like those seen on a television show or even in a movie. There is a high definition camera showing the dealer and the table. There will also be some kind of computer that will ensure that all play is fair and legal. For example: in roulette there is a laser beam that follows the ball and reads the exact location from where it falls. This should elevate some idea of ​​cheating.

Where to find the best live casino games?

You can place bets just like you would when playing a traditional style online game. This means that you still have to click buttons to place bets and make decisions, but you will experience the action in real time through a live dealer.

The best part about live games is, in our opinion, the ability to chat and chat with the dealers or the other players at the table. In the age of social media, having the option to share your wins and a shoulder to cry on when you lose will always be a nice feature.

Where to find live online casinos

Many casinos are joining this trend and have started offering live dealer casino games through their site. Most of the reputable and trusted sites have some type of live play option, but we have found that offers some of the best action for this type of play.

They have a specific bonus just for playing the $ 200 live game tables. Bet365 also has a VIP program that will allow you to earn even more money by earning points and exchanging them for cash to use in their casino games.

Many of the dealers you meet at Bet 365 are nice and friendly, this being a very necessary feature. The gaming environment is very much like a real casino and the extra touch of friendliness will take you beyond the traditional.

Unfortunately, Bet365 is not available to US players, although US players still have a live dealer game option.

One of the longest running online casinos is 5 Dimes Casino, which has everything you need to play live dealer, as well as loads of promotions that make playing worthwhile. But most importantly, 5 Dimes is a trusted brand that has been around since the mid-90s.

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